Interfuse Associates Shows Clients The Path to Constructive Harmony

Mountain View, California, October 20, 2004 ---- Interfuse Associates, founded in 2003, ( rapidly identifies ways for corporations and other types of organizations to elevate productivity through "constructive harmony". Constructive harmony is a proven process that shows managers and employees new ways to see their environment, engage teams in shared decision making, and deliver effective approaches to resolve the stress factors and conflicts that typically bog down work flow.

"Today companies are aggressively seeking ways to enhance productivity but often overlook their best resource - their people. In fact, research shows that coping with the effects of stress and conflict occupy nearly half of most managers' time. Our constructive harmony program teaches our clients how to harness group creativity and productivity. The next frontier in productivity will be people-centric," explains Catherine Tornbom, CEO of Interfuse Associates.

A number of companies, community organizations and government agencies are seeing the wisdom of the Interfuse Associates constructive harmony approach. Clients include the High Tech Consortium, NEC, PeopleSoft, Yu Ai Kai and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. "When teams are filled with passion and rapport and know how to communicate effectively, productivity truly sky rockets. It is very gratifying to see employees transform their work lives through our constructive harmony solutions," adds Ms. Tornbom.

About Interfuse Associates

Interfuse Associates offers organizational assessments, provides training in effective communications, stress reduction and conflict resolution, orchestrates team building and group cohesiveness, facilitates strategic planning and leads management teams to success.

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