Would you like to raise productivity to achieve greater revenues, larger profits and higher customer satisfaction?

Most companies today are seeking new ways to take existing headcount and other company resources and somehow squeeze out additional productivity. The most direct and effective ways of raising productivity, however, are frequently overlooked. While buying new technology and equipment can certainly prove helpful, these avenues do not address the most important component for enhanced productivity.

The most valuable resource for any organization is its people. Factors such as poor communication patterns, unclear goal setting, unhealthy stress and unresolved conflict dampen productivity and result in dissatisfied employees who are demoralized and unmotivated. When these undesirable factors are eliminated, any organization can harness the full capabilities of its people and productivity will soar and flourish.

Our Value Proposition

Interfuse Associates brings out the finest in human capital in terms of leadership, group participation and collaboration, commitment and goal achievement. We work with Boards of Directors, Senior Management, and Human Resources Professionals who wish to elevate their management leadership and enhance employee productivity.

Our Solutions:

We offer the following types of solutions for our clients:

  • Organizational Assessments and Recommendations
  • Creating Effective Communications
  • Strategic Planning, Goal Setting and Implementation
  • Team Building and Cohesiveness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Reduction

We believe that resiliency, flexibility and creativity are critical to productivity. Each of our solutions incorporates these three components to optimize results.

Client Profile

Interfuse Associates works with organizations of all types, stages and industries through an integrative and collaborative approach. Bring us into your organization for a straightforward short-term project, a critical specific assignment or a long-term, multi-step engagement.

We work with Fortune 500 companies, emerging companies, universities, Boards of Directors and other types of organizations. We offer conferences, executive retreats, seminars and training programs to our clients.

Are you faced with maintaining reduced headcount or slashed budgets while being tasked with demands for higher productivity?

In pressure filled, challenging situations such as these, it is critical to find more creative and efficient ways to achieve results. Unfortunately, creativity is highly constrained when employees are stressed, feeling powerless, fearful of unreasonable work hours, and facing potential job loss.

Interfuse Associates can rapidly foster team building, a sense of shared ownership and renewed commitment that results in high levels of energy and sustainable creativity. Creative, motivated people are resourceful. They are able to identify and deliver upon better ways of reaching desired objectives. Team building and cohesiveness are a crucial foundation upon which shared goals and clear communication lead to shared ownership and commitment.

We are here to support you in optimizing your people resources.