"Catherine Tornbom of Interfuse Associates greatly helped our Board of Directors to clarify our fundraising intentions and goals. Her thoughtful and insightful contributions were most appreciated. The excellent work performed served as a catalyst for change on our Board and facilitated and cemented a unified position among the board members. Ms. Tornbom's warmth and sensitivity in guiding this process were outstanding.""

—Louis D. Chicoine, Executive Director, Tri-City Homeless Coalition Corporation

Organizational Assessments and Recommendations: Interfuse Associates can examine specific components of the organization such as Senior Management , Middle Management, a particular department, multi-departments, a division or the entire organization. During this examination, we assess what issues are adversely impacting organizational health and the magnitude of the problems. This process entails observation, discussions within and outside the subject area, and other forms of diagnostic tools.

After the assessment is completed, we prepare recommendations on how to most effectively and expeditiously address and resolve the problems. We then implement these recommendations, which frequently relate to the service offerings shown below.

Creating Effective Communications: Poor, inadequate and inconsistent communications lead to frustrated and demotivated employees. Many people do not communicate effectively with their managers, co-workers and subordinates. Some of them realize there is an issue but do not know how to remedy it. Others are unaware of their weaknesses with communication. Interfuse Associates trains managers and employees to learn, master and create improved communications.

We do this by helping them understand how they currently come across, teaching them specific skills to strengthen their communications, and showing them optimum communication techniques that maximize communication effectiveness.

Strategic Planning, Goal Setting and Implementation: Strategic planning is an essential aspect of successful organizations. As Brian Tracy states "organizations that fail to plan are planning to fail". Similarly, goal setting is essential to personal and organizational achievement. The processes of developing a strategic plan and setting goals require an interactive participation and co-ownership approach.

Interfuse Associates can facilitate this process by effectively engaging all the participants. The next step is to implement the strategic plan and agreed upon goals. In many organizations plans and goals when formulated are set aside or only examined after the fact. We offer quarterly check-ups on the efficacy and success of the implementation.

Team Building and Cohesiveness: The power of an integrated team that works synergistically together can accomplish great things for any organization. Most organizational teams work at a sub-optimal levels due to disconnects, misunderstandings, political agendas, conflicts of interest, and other underlying issues. /p>

These issues disrupt team harmony and undermine the trust necessary for optimum team performance. Interfuse Associates conducts team-building presentations that forge new or restore team trust, understanding, commitment and cohesiveness.

Conflict Resolution: Unresolved conflict is disruptive and costly. It is estimated that 40% of management time is spent in dealing with conflict. It is well documented that unresolved conflict leads to inferior decision-making, lowered productivity and employee turnover. Employees so dislike ongoing conflict that it is a decisive factor in 50% of voluntary departures and 90% of involuntary departures.

Interfuse Associates can help you end this cycle once and for all. We offer coaching that transforms destructive conflict behaviors into constructive approaches and strategies that will resolve conflict in a healthy and desirable manner. Interfuse Associates also provides mediation services when warranted to resolve conflict before it winds up in litigation.

Stress Reduction: Job stress is estimated to cost North American companies in excess of $300 Billion each year. It is estimated that 1 million workers, more than half of all who are absent each work day, stay home due to stress. Long-term stress drains employees emotionally, mentally and physically. It leads to health issues such as high blood pressure, indigestion, headaches and other more serious health disorders. Interfuse Associates offers stress management solutions that focus upon awareness and release of stress.