"Catherine Tornbom made an excellent presentation here at NEC. Using Aikido as an instructive and fascinating teaching tool, she illustrated a number of approaches to help our employees recognize and deal with conflict and stress. The attendees found her presentation to be riveting, illuminating and highly useful. We look forward to future lectures by Ms. Tornbom. She is truly excellent!"

—Kolleen Dyson, Program Manager, NEC Electronics Corporation

When to call us

You recognize that your employees are the most valuable resource of your organization. You may also realize that your people are not performing anywhere near peak levels.

In fact, the stress and strain of striving to achieve ever-higher levels of productivity is taking its toll across corporate America as employees attempt to reach targeted objectives in today's working environment where everyone is told to achieve more with fewer resources.

You may be experiencing one or more of these problems:
  • Dissatisfied Board of Directors: The board is concerned that the organization is not on track to meet its targeted goals and objectives.
  • New CEO Facing Challenges: The new CEO has come aboard with a big, bold vision and wants to create a new corporate culture ASAP and is having a hard time selling it to his Management Team.
  • Underperforming Management Team: The team is composed of talented and dedicated executives who are not meeting goals and there is considerable conflict.
  • Rising Employee Turnover: Several well-respected employees have left in the past few months and morale is falling since their departure.
  • Inadequate strategic planning: There are no clear goals and strategies for future growth and it is resulting in an unsatisfactory bottom line.
  • Pressure for better ROI: Management has just announced that the company must achieve a sales/employee target of $500K and has added that there will be no raises or bonuses until this metric is achieved.
  • Conflict between departments: Inter-departmental feuds and absenteeism have appreciably risen in the past six months.
  • Many Closed Door Sessions: The HR Director is spending a lot of time meeting with disgruntled employees and walks around with a worried frown.
If these situations sound familiar, you're not alone.

As a successful business leader or manager, you know that facing these problems head on is the best approach. We understand the challenges you are facing and can help you transform these issues into demonstrable results and progress in the right direction. We train our clients to optimize group productivity at all levels of the organization from boardroom, to management team, to all employees.

Clients will achieve success working with us if they are…

    Committed to their company's success
    Willing to ask the tough questions and face the answers
    Open to the creative process of change
    Prepared for new and better ways of communicating
    Ready to learn how to resolve conflict and release unhealthy stress
    Motivated to make the necessary changes to empower their people