Expected Results

When you work with us you can expect the following organizational results:

  • Clearer communications
  • Shared goal setting
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Resolution of conflict
  • Motivated employees
  • Higher levels of creativity
  • Enhanced productivity

    Our guiding beliefs and values…


    We base our work on the belief that the combined wisdom of the group results in a more powerfully focused solution. Group synergies produce optimum results and these are a direct result of collaboration.


    We understand that making a profit or achieving targeted goals such as product development are essential for success. When the dynamics of fully performing people are factored into the process, achieving higher levels of productivity is assured.


    We believe that the ability to be resilient and flexible are key to adapting to the constantly changing landscape of today's business environment. Through appropriate training, skills development in both technical and "soft" areas ensures an agile workforce capable of effectively dealing with dynamic requirements and challenges.


    We know that the inclusion of all organization levels in collaborative problem solving ensures a level of buy-in and commitment that are otherwise unattainable. This results in high levels of satisfaction and productivity that were previously unattainable.


    We feel that accountability must go hand in hand with the authority to make good decisions and achieve desired results. When employees feel isolated from decision making, they become disinterested and defocused.


    We think that when employees are given the opportunity to join in the decision making process and feel they are co-owners of the resulting solution, they will decide to be highly motivated and commit to their finest efforts for great results.

    How we work

    We approach each client requirement with fresh eyes. Although we have a number of service modules that address a wide variety of key issues that organizations face, we approach each situation using our ACE Approach® assessment model to determine with you, the best course of action. Our solutions are not handed to you - they emerge in a co-creative process that inspires and empowers employees to action.

    Assess: Through a variety of methods, the current situation is thoroughly explored to gain clarity. Each element of the organization is examined - people, process and structure - to understand the nature and underlying issues of what needs to be addressed. At this stage it is vitally important to articulate the situation in the form of one or more "critical question(s)." The critical question(s) provides the focus for marshalling the forces of wisdom and creativity to properly address the issue.

    Create: In a four-step process key stakeholders co-create the process to address the critical question(s). Our process incorporates the all-important steps of reflection and integration between what currently is and the desired outcome. A vision-centered and achievable plan is created through a participatory methodology that taps the wisdom and experience of all the stakeholders.

    Execute: When those who are affected by the challenge co-create the plan, the motivation to implement and attain the desired outcome is built into the process. This is also called ownership and empowerment.

    What makes us unique

    We deliver quantifiable results through the co-creative process of defining and addressing specific organization challenges in concert with our clients. While other "experts" present "sure-thing" solutions in plans, papers and books, we actually work with you from beginning to end on specific challenges to achieve desired results.

    It is our belief that there is no one approach that can be used as a "cookie cutter" process. The dynamics and requirements vary in each case. Developing a customized approach that is appropriate for your environment and requirements is a fundamental value proposition at Interfuse Associates.