Interfuse Associates Delivers On Essential Soft Skills

Mountain View, California, December 1, 2004 ---- Interfuse Associates, founded in 2003, ( teaches its clients how to master soft skills. Soft skills, the art of motivating, inspiring, and building effective teams, are a rare commodity.

"Technical skills are such a priority in this valley that soft skills usually take the back seat. Many talented people try to 'wing it' with soft skills only to discover that brilliant technical proficiency does not ensure cooperation, on-time deliverables, and job satisfaction. Soft skills are critical to success in any company," explains Catherine Tornbom, Founder and CEO of Interfuse Associates.

Constructive Harmony™ teaches employees how to master and apply soft skills. This focused program shows executives and employees new ways to interact and approach teamwork that result in clear communication, agreement on objectives, shared ownership and successful results.

"Many employees dread team projects due to nebulous expectations, diverse perspectives on desired outcomes and frustration that are frequently experienced by the team during the project. Frazzled nerves and missed deadlines are the more the norm than the exception. Constructive Harmony™ transforms the team process and clients report that productivity soars. When results are crucial, we can put things on track," Ms. Tornbom commented.

About Interfuse Associates

Interfuse Associates offers organizational assessments, provides training in effective communications, stress reduction and conflict resolution, orchestrates team building and group cohesiveness, facilitates strategic planning and leads management teams to success.

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